Impression • Runxintang



The prosperous stage begins with here - visiting to Runxintang

Runxintang Group is located at the intersection between West Section of Haike Road and South Section of Rongtai Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City. 



No matter what kind of transportation you take, and from which direction you come.

Come to here, the first thing to be seen is a pavilion with towering trees embraced by a circle of black bricks.

The wall is built with black bricks and the door is made of rosewood, which is simple and solemn, carrying a long-standing traditional culture;

The green trees and verdant bamboo make the pavilion natural and more vibrant, which indicates the vigorous revival of TCM. 


Looked from a distance, the legendary story of TCM, one of the oldest medical sciences of mankind, is playing on the huge LED display screen with the sense of modern science and technology through the top of the green trees. Traditional wisdom and modern science and technology deduce perfect harmony here. 



The roots of the flourishing woods must be entrenched.

Under the spectacular trunk of every towering tree, there must be a more spectacular root system.

The development and growth of Runxintang Group are just like this.

The TCM health cultivation culture, which has been inherited for thousands of years, is voluminous.

Based on this, we will get selfless feedback from this huge treasure house in case of focusing on the inheritance and development of TCM health cultivation culture.

With the knowledge of Qibo and Huangdi as the root and based on the immortal morality.

Is it just lucky to have such a prosperous stage?


The benevolent people are proud of moral integrity - approach to Runxintang

Surrounded by blue water and encircled by winding paths,

there is no noise of the outside world, but full with elegant style.

It looks like a landscape of garden on the Yangtze Delta. 




The display of classical furniture around the hall shows the enterprise's persistence in the traditional Chinese culture.

The ebony used by the furniture used, which has the immortal characteristic, seems to be a commentary on this persistence. 



The ebony used by the furniture used, which has the immortal characteristic, seems to be a commentary on this persistence.

In the hall, there are the honors and achievements that enterprises have gained over the years.


They all stand here in the postures of various plaques.

"These are the recognition and encouragement of the people and the government to us."

The forty aged Factory Director Zhu, improves his tone when talking about this, who generally likes an archaistic gentleman.

"The doctors seek benevolence and businessmen make profits. To better develop the TCM cause, it is necessary to connect with modern commercialized society.

But how can we avoid over-commercialization and profit-making in such a big environment, abide by the benevolent mind and heart of TCM, and take the advantages of business to achieve the medical benevolence?

Our approach is to accept the supervision of the people and the government in a transparent manner and to be a straightforward gentleman enterprise." 




Wang Chen, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and Vice-Chairman of the National People's Congress, visited Runxintang


Chen Changzhi, Chairman of the Central Committee of Civil Construction and Chairman of the Group Company


Liu Hongbao, then Vice Mayor of Chengdu City, Enterprise Research


Chen Zhiyong, then Vice Secretary of Wenjiang District Committee and District Director, visited Runxintang


Yu Shuguang, President of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Visits Runxintang


More than ten years of production process,

it is difficult to count capsules, tablets, oral liquid and other products.

But there is no slight lack of quality in each grain, tablet or bottle.

Therefore, we can obtain the honors and qualifications on the whole wall.

They testify the deep craftsmanship spirit of this enterprise, promote the enterprise to go forward bravely and stand up to the backbone of the revitalization of TCM culture.


The aspiring people inscribe it on the heart - deep understanding of Runxintang

There are wood carvings of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Confucius and Mencius, the universe book pavilion and the TCM culture museum.

These three marks will undoubtedly leave a deep memory for everyone.

However, not everyone can understand the enterprise's aspirations through their layout.

In the right wing-room of the main entrance, it shows the oriental life.

In the deepest part of the hall,

the wood carvings of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Confucius and Mencius are standing here. 


The universe book pavilion with the universe hexagrams layout is on its right above.

Both of them are located on the horizontal central line of the layout of the pavilion, in line with the main entrance of the TCM culture museum in the left wing-room.

Understanding these three marks individually implies rooting Confucianism and Taoism, relying on traditional culture, adapting to the changes of the universe, and achieving extensive TCM.

If you combine these three marks with the modern international standard office building with integration of R&D, testing, inspection and production behind the left wing-room, which invests nearly RMB 300 million,

you will have another feeling: 


inheriting the tradition, learning from the ancient and modern style, seeking the change and innovation.

The wordless layout tells the enterprise's silently-insisting original intention. 


Mr. Loren Israelson, President of the United States Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), visited Runxintang


Mr. Murakami, Chairman of AiMed Corporation of Japan, and Mr. Takazaki, Chief Technical Officer of Jinmura Pharmaceutical Co. visited Runxintang


Chu Shijian, Ma Jingfen and the Chairman of the Group Company

Rooting tradition, leading trend and creating time.

Impression • Runxintang