TCM health cultivation culture



TCM culture has a long history.

It traces back to Xia and Shang Dynasties, inherits from Qin and Han Dynasties and goes through Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, lasting for more than 4,000 years.

It is still flourishing and blends into the blood through the baptism of years, as well as the honor and disgrace of the nation.

Up to modern times, there is an occasional decline, but it will not be forgotten for a long time due to its accumulated strength.

At this flourishing age, TCM health cultivation culture will achieve the extraordinary results by virtue of the inheritance and innovation. 


To cultivate the TCM way, we should take Yi as the root and know Yin and Yang

The TCM differentiation and treatment should insist on central concentration and keep a balance, as well as focus on the combination. 

The eight principal syndromes: Yin and Yang, exterior and interior, cold and heat, as well as deficiency and excess; 

The five elements: inter-promoting, inter-restriction, inter-subjugation and reverse-restriction;

Property and flavor: cold and heat, warm and cool, ascending and descending, as well as sinking and floating. 

Therapeutic method: treating cold with hot drugs, treating heat with cold drugs, treating deficiency with tonification and treating excess with purgation. 

Generally speaking, regardless of Yin and Yang, the relationship is inter-promoting, or inter-restriction, or Yin with Yang, or Yang with Yin.

The remedies and other methods can be used to adapt to four seasons and five kinds of elements, and keep the Yin and Yang and the balance of the human body, to have a healthy life.

Further, for the weather, there are six factors in nature, and for the people, there are seven emotions. The good or evil is uncertain, and the good or poor is changed.

After understanding the universe change, knowing the people's likes and dislikes, and keeping away from the harm of the immorality, we can enjoy a long life with the advantages of joy and anger.

This is the TCM way. The universe always changes, and the people can enjoy a long life with the balance of the human body. 


The TCM practice is based on benevolence and sincerity.

For the TCM practitioners, the first priority is sincerity and benevolence, followed by skills.

The patients may be rich or poor, noble or humble, beautiful or ugly, clean or dirty.

But the doctors should forget likes or dislikes, praise or condemnation, fame and wealth, grievance and enmity.

They shall only remember the benevolence and always have a heart of sympathy.

For the patient's pain, the doctors shall feel the same, give everyone his due, treat and cure them.

The doctors shall not only keep the benevolence, but also be diligent in skills. They should gain new insights through reviewing old material, and study from time to time.

The difficulty in the illness is not only undertaken by the patient. It also involves patents, wife, relatives and friends.

One person is ill, but several persons are tortured. Through seeking medical treatment and asking remedies, what they can depend on is only the skill.

If the skills are neglected because of indulging in play, at that time, there is nothing to do or a grave mistake will be made.

Do you tolerate seeing everyone sorrowful? You will be guilty forever.

This is not what benevolent people should do. 



Therefore, the doctors should be benevolent and reasonable during the TCM inheritance.

They should cultivate morality and bearing all things. At the same time, they shall also be with both a benevolent mind and heart. Blessing the common people is: Run.

The doctors shall do gentleman's doctrines and strive for self-improvement. Thus, carrying forward the knowledge of Qibo and Huangdi. Widely planting apricot woods is: Xin.

So it is called: Runxintang